February 11, 2022

4 good reasons to choose a Gigafit franchise

Franchising allows everyday people to be their own boss, to be self-employed and to change their lives.

Mountassir Bouhadba, founder of Gigafit, believes that fitness franchises aim to elevate this concept and allow franchisees to not only go into business for themselves but for their members. 

“More than a business or a job, our franchisees are driven by their love and passion for the industry. It’s that passion that drives them to succeed in both their business and their community,” he adds.

4 reasons to choose a fitness franchise

1. Make health a reality

A fitness franchise is a chance to get involved in a positive, life-changing industry. Our franchisees not only share our passion for fitness, but they are also committed to making an impact on their health and well-being by supporting and encouraging people to enjoy a healthier future. Few other franchise systems can boast such an impact.

2. Change your life

Our business models allow our franchisees to run their own businesses, set their own schedules, and enjoy the personal and financial benefits that a Gigafit franchise brings.

We’ve already invested years and millions of dollars in researching and developing systems and technologies that allow our franchisees to focus their efforts and attention on their business and their members on a more personal level.

Fitness apps like Gigafit are paving the way for variety and innovation in the fitness franchise business. They offer a new perspective on staying fit anywhere.

3. Brand awareness

Independent gyms are hard to launch, especially in a saturated market. Gigafit welcomes its franchisees into a fitness community that already has more than 560,000 members in over 500 clubs nationwide. Our global brand continues to lead the way in this area, being the first and only franchise to operate on all seven continents.

4. Tap into the spirit of fitness

With the events of 2020 in mind, the focus on health and fitness is greater than ever, which presents a great opportunity for hands-on operators and savvy investors. People have been stuck indoors, creating a demand for fitness consumers who previously did not frequent gyms. Adapting to the demands of the ever-changing marketplace, Gigafit is now proud to offer comprehensive online health and fitness tools, expanding the reach of our members and contributing to the success of our franchisees.

We know the market inside and out and that our workouts must be innovative to succeed in the fitness industry.

How to make the right choice

When it comes to choosing a brand and location, there are many things to consider, says Mr. Mountassir.

“The ideal audience for gyms and fitness studios can be quite specific, so the success of a fitness franchise depends on choosing a territory with a large percentage of your target market. This is a viable territory where you can grow the franchise to enough members to make substantial profit margins.”

The fitness industry is a competitive business, so choosing the right location for a gym or fitness club is critical to its success, he says.

“It’s important to consider the competitors in the local area because if the location is already saturated with gyms, the franchisor may have a harder time breaking into the local market.

“Once you’ve found a suitable location, the location of the site itself can also have a significant impact on its success – a gym or fitness club with a poor location, little exposure to foot traffic, no street frontage or poor parking access may have difficulty creating a presence in its local community.”

For these reasons, Gigafit offers its franchisees the best locations to ensure continued profits and increase interested members.

So make your dream come true and join the international fitness leader Gigafit!

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