February 9, 2023

50% of GigaFit franchisees have become multi-franchisees

Having established itself as a European leader in premium fitness, GIGAFIT has over 100 clubs open or in the process of opening in France and abroad. The brand’s success is due in part to the rising demand for fitness services, but also to its unique and flexible concepts that meet the ambitions of its franchisees.

Rise of Multi-Franchisees:

Recent figures indicate that 50% of GigaFit franchisees have become multi-franchisees. This means that they have chosen to develop their business by opening several franchises under the same brand. This is a very significant indicator of GigaFit’s success as a fitness brand.

Factors Driving Growth:

The growth of the franchise is due to many factors, such as the quality of the services offered, the training, the constant support given to the franchisees, and the effective marketing strategy. Multi-franchisees have also benefited from the experience gained from running a franchise, which has allowed them to make informed decisions about opening new franchises. In addition, GigaFit’s reputation as a premium fitness brand has attracted new customers and increased awareness of the franchise.

Support for Franchisees:

As a franchisor, GigaFit strives to provide a positive experience for franchisees, which encourages them to continue growing as multi-franchisees. The group provides ongoing training, marketing and development support to help franchisees reach their full potential.

Indicator of Success:

In summary, the 50% of GigaFit franchisees who have become multi-franchisees is a clear indicator of franchise success and franchisee satisfaction. It also shows GigaFit’s commitment to the continued growth and development of its franchisees.

GIGAFIT, a brand founded by Mountassir Bouhadba


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