November 23, 2021


GIGAFIT, the world’s largest and fastest-growing fitness club franchise, which offers an elevated and personalized approach to fitness and wellness, was recently ranked in the top list of high growth franchises. Thanks to its exceptional development, GIGAFIT is the first fitness leader in Europe.

“Within each of our GIGAFIT locations is a small community of like-minded individuals – owners, trainers, staff and members – who are committed to enjoying a healthier, happier and more active lifestyle,” said Mountassir Bouhadba, founder of GIGAFIT. “We are grateful to have so many people around the world who trust GIGAFIT to help them achieve their fitness and wellness goals.” With plans to add more franchise locations over the next year, we look forward to welcoming new franchise owners around the world – and together, helping future members discover more about how fitness and exercise can help fight diseaseS and ensure personal health and wellness.”

GIGAFIT is considered the most established and successful fitness franchise in the world. Almost all existing franchise owners own more than one GIGAFIT location. The brand has grown to more than 100 clubs open and in the process of opening, making it the leading fitness franchise in Europe with over 200,000 members.

GIGAFIT first opened its doors in 2014, with 24H/7/365 days access, high quality equipment and top trainers and staff. Today, GIGAFIT is known for identifying and developing successful franchise formats, with a focus on independent small business owners operating their branded locations.

Health and fitness is a major area of interest, not only for people looking to improve their lifestyle, but also for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business. According to industry reports, health and fitness franchises are a $3.7 billion market and are growing faster than the overall economy, a key indicator of growth.

One of the key values of a GIGAFIT membership is the “Anywhere Access” policy: Join a GIGAFIT gym and gain access to all of the brand’s gyms around the world. This gives members the ability to work out not only when they want, but virtually anywhere they want.

It goes without saying that the GIGAFIT franchise is the first choice for fitness and entrepreneurship enthusiasts to make their dreams a reality.

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