October 18, 2021
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GIGAFIT expands its support plan for franchisees

GIGAFIT supports its franchisees throughout their career and ensures that their project is a true entrepreneurial success.


Three key moments now materialize this constant support:

  • The delivery of GIGAFIT operating manuals. 15 volumes of know-how that will answer all your questions about finding premises, carrying out work in accordance with the GIGAFIT concept, the sales pitch, the communication catalog, etc., right up to the training of your employees
  • The GIGAFIT training courses given at the headquarters for the theoretical part and in immersion in a pilot club for the practical part
  • Commercial deployment during pre-openings. A network coordinator accompanies the franchisees to their place of sale to make them aware of good management practices and to optimize the sales pitch

Is sport your driving force? Do you want to create a gym under the GIGAFIT brand? Don’t hesitate to contact the GIGAFIT team to discuss it.

All you need is a personal contribution of €70,000 to join this sporting adventure.

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