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Opening a franchise is first and foremost about creating your own business. The franchisee carries the name of the franchisor and applies his method, but the terms of the contract stop there. They have to manage their own business, their employees, their cash inflows and outflows… generally complex and unrewarding tasks that require a real time investment, but also money. Therefore, falling in love with the boutique model is not enough. You need to develop your own project in a practical and technical way.

Demander des conseils d’experts est essentiel. Devenir entrepreneur, c’est faire des plans d’affaires, tenir des comptes, rédiger des lois et des règlements… Heureusement, vous pouvez passer ces étapes sans formation commerciale. Vous pouvez demander l’aide de professionnels, tels que des comptables ou des avocats spécialisés en droit commercial. Ces experts vous permettront de faire des affaires en toute sérénité, tout en analysant en profondeur les informations transmises par le réseau qui vous intéresse. Comme pour toute franchise, il y a quelques facteurs à prendre en compte, quel que soit le type d’entreprise qSeeking expert advice is essential. Becoming an entrepreneur means making business plans, keeping accounts, writing laws and regulations… Fortunately, you can get through these steps without business training. You can seek help from professionals, such as accountants or lawyers who specialize in business law. These experts will allow you to do business with peace of mind, while thoroughly analyzing the information provided by the network you are interested in. As with any franchise, there are a few factors to consider, regardless of the type of business you join. Make sure it reflects your own values and is run by a franchisor you are confident you can work with.

Open your own GIGAFIT club

En termes de revenus, le In terms of revenue, the European health and fitness market grew by 3.0%

28.2 billion in 2019. Market growth was again driven by an increase in the number of clubs in all countries, as well as a 1.5% increase in members per club, resulting in a total membership increase of 3.8% to 64.8 million.

At the same time, average monthly membership income decreased by 0.8 percent, primarily due to the continued expansion of low-cost operators

Public initiatives highlighted the importance of health and fitness with campaigns on diabetes and obesity. The fitness franchise industry has benefited. As a result, fitness has become a lifestyle, and many people are becoming more health conscious.

Building a business, creating a brand, and managing day-to-day operations while remaining profitable and getting enough sleep to operate can seem nearly impossible. That’s what makes buying a fitness franchise so appealing.

Is a franchise right for you ?

With a fitness franchise, you’re joining an established business. As with any franchised business, the concept is that the business owners or franchisors sell the rights to their business. The agreement is for the name, logo and business model. The idea is that the business owner has already gone through the process of brand building, awareness and customer retention. Essentially, franchising shows you how to replicate someone else’s success.

By joining a fitness franchise, you have access to a ready-to-use business plan, training and more.

Benefits of a fitness franchise 

The benefits of a fitness franchise are numerous. The franchise owner has done the heavy lifting, allowing you to take advantage of the market without having to spend years building a brand. An established brand builds customer loyalty and expands your reach. Franchises can help you build a plan for success.

Vous investissez dYou are investing in a proven business model, one of the main reasons someone may choose to start a business with a franchise. In many cases, franchises can be cheaper to open than if you were to do it on your own. The brand may already have established relationships with suppliers and may purchase large volumes of equipment, which means the cost of your gym equipment may be lower.

Unlike opening your own business, a franchise offers support along the way, both before and after your gym opens. Franchises offer business support, marketing materials and advice, and training. This means that someone with a passion for fitness does not necessarily need to have prior experience to start a business. A franchise can provide career opportunities that will give you all the industry-specific training you need to run a successful business.


GIGAFIT is more than a sports club; it creates a real community and applies a unique concept!

En tant que franchise, nous partageons notre savoir-faire et donnons les moyens à nos franchisés, passionnés de sport et d’entrepreneuriat, de portAs a franchise, we share our know-how and empower our franchisees, who are passionate about sports and entrepreneurship, to carry the torch and develop the network!

At GIGAFIT, we believe in adapting to your concept rather than the other way around.



Take advantage of a national advertising strategy that includes:

 – TV commercials in GIGAFIT clubs to reaffirm the brand’s Premium positioning and promote the business development of each facility.

– Accès et programmation en prime time sur les chaAccess and programming in prime time on the M6 Group channels!


Create a local media plan that suits you:

We provide you with all the tools you need to dominate your catchment area. Whether it’s on the street with flyers and posters, or online with our digital skills and targeted advertising. We have everything you need!


Profitez de l’attention accrue que suscitent le sTake advantage of the increased attention generated by sponsoring and hosting major sporting events. Let’s use these milestone events to build national brand recognition!

GGIGAFIT adapts to your catchment area, your means, your desires and your aspirations by proposing 5 formulas: FLASH, EXPRESS, 100 % LADY (our clubs dedicated exclusively to women), DESIGN, and XL.

Select the club size that best suits your goals.

Here we explain our different formulas to make your choice easier.

Gigafit Flash

  • Average size: 150 to 299 m²
  • starting at € 45,000
  • Entrance fee : 15 500 €.
  • Operating royalties 5% of sales
  • Advertising fees 1,8% of sales

Gigafit Express

  •     Average surface area 300 to 499 sqm
  •     from 75 000 € onwards
  •     Entrance fee 19 500 € HT
  •     Operating royalties 5% of sales
  •     Advertising fees 1,8% of sales

Gigafit 100% Lady

Created to make you feel as comfortable as possible, because we know that exercise can sometimes be intimidating.

The ladies area offers a free, conscious environment and is a great place to make friends and focus on achieving your health and fitness goals.

  •     Average size 500 to 799 sqm
  •     starting at €120,000
  •     Entrance fee 24 000 € HT
  •     Operating royalties 5% of sales
  •     Advertising royalties 1,8% of the turnover.

Gigafit Design

  •     Average surface area 500 to 899 sqm
  •     from 120 000 € HT
  •     Entrance fee 24 500 € HT
  •     Operating royalties 5% of sales
  •     Advertising royalties 1,8% of sales

Gigafit XL

  •    Average area: 900 M² and more
  •     from 180 000 € onwards
  •     Entrance fee : 29 500 € HT
  •     Operating royalties 5% of sales
  •     Advertising royalties 1,8% of the turnover.

L’achat d’une franchise de fitness est un excellent moyen d’obtenir une part de l’industrie du fitness. Les élémentsBuying a fitness franchise is an excellent way to get a share of the fitness industry. The building blocks for success are provided with training and business support. If you are considering a fitness franchise, then GIGAFIT is your solution. Fitness franchises are thriving and creating communities of like-minded entrepreneurs. 

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