September 6, 2023
Photo of a European city district

GIGAFIT opens several new gyms

GIGAFIT continues to expand its presence across the country, with 5 new clubs due to open in the 4th Quarter of 2023! And over 40 clubs in the pipeline .

The group maintains its objectives and continues its exponential development around the world.

📍Dol de Bretagne (35) : 1 avenue de la Baie PA Les Rilandieres

📍Asnières-sur-Seine (92) : Asnières 56 rue Robert dupont

📍Auneau-Bleury-Saint-Symphorien (27) : 14 rue Hellé Nice

📍Saint-Cyr-L’école (78) : 75/77 rue du docteur vaillant

📍Breuil-le-Vert (60) : 633 route de Paris


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