October 20, 2021
groupe ems

GIGAFIT presents its universe. Discover the EMS Group

When you walk through the doors of a GIGAFIT club, you are not just entering a fitness center. You are entering a real universe designed around pleasure and well-being.

groupe ems

Here is a description of all the activities of the EMS group:

GF ONE: discover our clothing lines made of ever more intelligent textiles and our range of nutrition and food supplements composed only of top-quality ingredients.

GFSHOP: the points of sale that sell the GF One ranges

Gigafit Academy: in order to provide its members with the best, GIGAFIT has developed its own group class concepts and set up a training school for sports coaches.

GIGAFIT: The Fitness Franchise is no longer in the news. Take advantage of this opportunity to (re)discover its 100% Pleasure, 100% Fitness concept on video

Gym Market: the EMS Group has brought its own marketing and communication agency

The EMS Group, founded by Mountassir Bouahdaba, now owns all the entities.

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