October 18, 2021

GIGAFIT was at the BodyFitness and Franchise Fair 2017

If you missed the opportunity to see us at the Body Fitness exhibition and the Franchise show here are some pictures of these events that brought crowds to our two stands that met a strong success due to our animations led by our coaches GIGAFIT academy and the presence of our star ambassadors (International Champions, high level athletes by GIGAFIT).

We are expecting you next year in great numbers


17359180_1265168823579771_4500668253382100782_o17434897_1265169590246361_4756257996846137412_o17359129_1265169593579694_8901864509381671067_o  17388922_1265168743579779_1972344802744297220_o 17389104_1265168970246423_5227510775858586205_o 17389176_1265168826913104_2259108677954810649_o

Salon de la Franchise:

17359347_1265156756914311_6223851001294134918_o17240664_1265156660247654_6806498268263763064_o 17389083_1265156623580991_4966948543217981764_o 17390534_1265156640247656_8647802809402834188_o  17310008_1265156460247674_5546136383935626764_o   17359371_1265156726914314_6009695460834563365_o

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