June 9, 2017

Mountassir Bouhadba launches the Gigafit Academy and prepares for the start of the academic year in September

Mountassir Bouhadba, president and founder of the GIGAFIT group, is focusing his development strategy more than ever on people.

By creating the Gigafit Academy, the company’s own training network for sports coaches, GIGAFIT is responding to two major challenges

– to offer the best level of sports coaching to its members

– to offer the best possible level of service to its franchisees by providing them with trained coaches

The first Gigafit Academy training school is located in the Hauts de France and others will follow. The apprentice sports coaches are trained to BPJEPS in September.

The prerequisites are very simple: to be at least 17 years old and to practice a physical activity regularly.

The Gigafit Academy training takes place over 5 months each year: between the beginning of September and January. Theoretical courses take place two days a week, plus a 24-day internship in a GIGAFIT club.

More information: academy@gigafit.com

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