October 20, 2021
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Relive the 2017 Franchise Expo in video

If you couldn’t make it to Franchise Expo this year, relive our presence in this video. Learn about our development team and get ready to experience Fitness in a Big Way!

Immerse yourself in the Franchise Expo 2017 Experience through a Captivating Video

Back to Franchise Expo 2017

For those who missed Franchise Expo’s must-see event in 2017, End this video offers a unique opportunity to relive the dynamic atmosphere and highlights of our participation.

Meet Our Development Team

Explore our development team in depth, discover the faces behind our innovative concept and prepare to be immersed in a world of fitness on a grand scale.

Discover the Revolutionary Fitness Concept at GIGAFIT

At the GIGAFIT stand at Franchise Expo 2017, So visitors had the opportunity to discover a revolutionary fitness concept focused on fun and health.

Our team was there to present in detail what a 100% Pleasure, 100% Fitness experience means.

Explore our Activities and Join our Franchise Network

By visiting our website www.gigafit.fr, So you can learn more about our different activities and discover how you can get involved in this exciting adventure by joining our franchise network at www.franchise-gigafit.fr.


In conclusion,

GIGAFIT, a company founded by Mountassir Bouhadba, Because is the fruit of a vision to revolutionize the fitness industry by offering unique and rewarding experiences to its customers.

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