April 13, 2022

Mountassir bouhadba: an exceptional path

Mountassir Bouhadba is the talented businessman who founded GIGAFIT in 2014. Following his studies in Political Science at the Sorbonne and in International Business; this young entrepreneur with a passion for sports launched his own concept of fitness clubs that continues to make noise and grow. At present, Mountassir Bouhadba’s fortune is estimated at over 105 million euros.

The concept of clubs offering premium services has quickly developed, offering franchises and support for those wishing to open their own gym. Today, the GIGAFIT franchise has nearly 100 clubs open or in the process of opening in France and well beyond the borders of France.

Mountassir has been able to diversify its concepts and at the same time specialize in order to touch other branches of the sector. From now on, the MGI Group is composed of seven subsidiaries, each one more innovative than the other. There is of course the development of branches and franchises GIGAFIT, but also, GYM FLIX specialized in the sale of fitness equipment for individuals. GF ONE offers the sale of nutritional products and textiles to complement your fitness training. The group has a communication agency called GYM MARKET, a real estate company called KM Investissement and a revolutionary digital platform in the world of private coaching: Milinus.

The MGI Group has set itself the very ambitious goal of becoming the key player in the fitness industry in France and in the world.

Owning 100% of the shares of the Gigafit group, which has over 100 clubs in France and abroad, Mountassir Bouhadba thinks big and this is reflected in the success of his companies as well as in his fortune estimated at over 105 million euros. It would seem that the MGI Group has all the cards in hand to achieve its goals.

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